What are the Trending Fiverr Gig Ideas to Start Earning Today?

1) Logo Design

Every business or startup needs a logo at first priority. If you are an expert at logo designing then this is the golden chance to convert your talent into well-being lifestyle. The more expert you are at this art the more it adds to your value and demand. Your portfolio will be a great example for the buyers to judge how much you are expert at the logo designing.

2) Infographics

Selling infographics services is another one of the amazing Fiverr gig ideas to start earning in no time. It’s not compulsory to learn photoshop or illustrator for this cause. We have certain online tools like Canva that offer a bunch of editable infographics templates that can serve your cause.
From Fiverr earning perspective, each gig can earn $20-40 for you. The most amazing aspect is that there are around 1864 sellers offering this service and almost all of them have got the order, which is a strong indication of having trending gig on Fiverr.

3) Managing Social Media Pages

Managing social media pages for brands, business, persons or a website is also a demanding Fiverr gig that sells frequently. Different companies look for Facebook page managers to manage their brand pages like posting, comments and support management etc. If you spend most of your time on social media why don’t you utilize this time to make money? From earning perspective, as this gig doesn’t demand high sort of expertise so the earning can be around $5-$20 depending upon the job.

4) Facebook Cover Photo Design

An attractive cover photo is like the first impression for any page on Facebook. Cover photo designing is also one of the most demanding Fiverr gig ideas right now. Whenever a company is launched, they make their social media pages like Facebook pages to gain most of the audience. So, different brand owners look for professionals to design them a good cover photo for their brand pages.

5)Content Writing/ Article Writing

Saying content writing & article writing the most demanding gig will not be wrong! when we look out for most trending Fiverr gig ideas this niche may come out on top. The reason is that, with the increasing number of websites and blogs, the site owner needs more writer for his/ her blog or brand. That’s why article and creative writing is at peak on Fiverr. From earning perspective, a skilled article writer charges around $20-$80 for a 1000 words article on Fiverr.

6) SEO Services

No doubt, search engine optimization is the core skill that also pays you a lot not particularly on Fiverr but in the practical life as well. So, selling SEO services on Fiverr as another worthy Fiverr gig idea that doesn’t have too much of competition as well. Learning SEO is really tough but it pays you at the same pace as well. You can provide On Page & Off Page SEO both.

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