What is Fiverr ?

Fiverr is the world's largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs.

Is there a fee to join Fiverr?

There’s no fee to join — just create a free account to be on your way.

How do you get paid?

-Direct deposit to a bank account
-Fiverr Revenue Card


On Fiverr, you can earn 4 dollars per gig. Basically, a gig costs 5 dollars but 1 dollar is charged by Fiverr for providing the platform to make money. Now, the most important thing that most of the people fail to overlook while delivering a gig is the time they are spending on a particular gig. You should be able to deliver a gig without wasting your time or spending too much on a gig.

What are the benefits of Fiverr?

Lots of possibilities for Gigs. You’d be surprised at the types of Gigs you’ll find on Fiverr. If you think other people might benefit from one of your skills (and you can fulfill your Gig online), then you’ll probably find an appropriate category on Fiverr. Offer services you’re passionate about. Fiverr is a great place for out-of-the-box thinking. If you’re highly interested in a topic and can offer a service for it, you can do it on Fiverr. Great potential earnings. You’re not limited to charging $5. Mix and match packages with various add-ons, and you could create a nice side business for yourself. Get paid online. You can withdraw your earnings conveniently without having to wait for a check in the mail. Work as much or as little as you want. You can always pause your Gig if you’d like a break.

How much you’ll earn
You might offer three packages — Basic, Standard and Premium — for your Gig, charging $5, $50 and $80, respectively. At the beginning, you may need to ask friends and family to buy your Gig and give you your first five-star ratings.

Soon, you may get a few Gig requests a week. For example:

  • Get five Gig requests a week for your Basic package, and you’ll earn $25 a week.
  • Get one Standard package request each week, and that’s $50 a week.
  • Get one Premium package request each month to earn $80 a month.

With those requests, you’ll earn $380 a month — decent money for a side business. And the sky’s the limit for how much you can earn as time goes by. Of course, it could take months of working on your Gigs before you see sizable revenue from Fiverr.

How do I apply to work on Fiverr?

Becoming a Fiverr seller is easy: Create an account on the website, and you’re ready to create Gigs right away.

Understanding the fine print

Be sure to keep all of your payments on the Fiverr platform — your clients must pay you through it. Fiverr makes its revenue from the service fees it charges on Gig payments.

What else do I need to know?

It can be tough as a new Fiverr seller, but you can create a thriving business if you keep at it. There are a few ways to getting traction on the platform.

Make your Gig page detailed and professional
Especially as a new seller with no reviews, it’s hard to convince buyers to give you their hard-earned money. Make it easier by creating the best Gig page possible:

  • Write a detailed and accurate description about what you can do for your customers and why your Gig is their best option.
  • Add a great cover photo — even a video — to your Gig page. (You can get your video created on Fiverr!)
  • Price your Gig packages competitively. If you can overdeliver on value for a great price, you’re much more likely to get stellar reviews from your customers.

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